Peachtree & Ward

Peachtree & Ward was founded in 1985 when owners Jon and Lori Weinrott, chef-trained in France and working in restaurants in Philadelphia, drove by a corner grocery store on Pechin Street in Roxborough and saw a For Sale sign. The building was charming with its old butcher blocks and canning cupboards, a detached barn/smokehouse, and a wooden walk-in which, back in the day, was cooled with huge blocks of ice.

Peach Street Caterers grew to become Peachtree & Ward when the company merged with Wendy Ward Catering in 1992. They moved commissary and offices, including Peachtree Kosher, to East Falls in 2010. At the same time, they renovated a 19th century textile mill to create Peche (from the original Pechin Street), their first event venue. Pomme followed close behind. When Peche closed in December 2013, headquarters were moved to Pomme.

After so many years catering in the field, Peachtree enjoys the luxury of having its own base of operations from which to venture forth in the exciting world that is off-premise catering. Still family-owned and operated, Peachtree retains the flavor of its origins in its love of anything French anything with character and age (most of all fine wines!) and in all things boutique, homespun and personal.  They still own the canning cupboards, and can peaches and applesauce every summer and fall.



a thermometer found in the wooden walk-in of the corner grocery/butcher shop that became Peach Street Caterers

jon picks peaches

Jon picking peaches