What does pre-selected entrée mean? Can I offer a choice at the table?

The PEACHTREE menus are based upon pre-selected entrées. Just to explain, a pre-selected entrée means that you will include something on your invitation enabling guests to pre-select from two options (I.E, Fish, Chicken, Beef, or Vegetarian).  When you have collected your RSVP’S, you will need to provide us with this count.  It’s also important that you include this information on your table cards. These markers can be different colors (Red – meat, Blue – fish, Green – vegetarian) or symbols.  We are happy to talk you through this.

If the entrée choice is not pre-selected, the other options are to either provide one entrée to your guests or to opt for tableside choice of entrée, which is additional.  The charge for table choice of entrée depends on the selection but the minimal charge is $15/per person since we need to purchase at least 30% more food.

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