from 8.22.15

If you want to have a magnificent wedding experience, Pomme in Radnor is the place to go. Our experience was even more magnificent than we could have imagined. From beginning to end all members of the Pomme staff were nothing but remarkable.

On the wedding day, from nine in the morning when we entered the bridal suite until we finally left the parking lot after 11:30pm, the service that we received was beyond our expectations. The venue was perfect. The bridal suite experience was such a nice way to begin, and get ready for, the wedding. We were treated like royalty! The cocktail hour, and the food throughout the night was the best I have had at any wedding I have attended. The guest’s compliments and positive comments are continuing to flow in. The staff members, each and every one, were exceptional and the guests keep on commenting on that too. I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience. As the mother of the bride, I know that the bride and groom were thrilled with each and every aspect of their wedding weekend.

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