How do we figure out our final menu? There are so many choices!

Yes there are!  We are happy to tell you the tried and true classics, if you’d rather simplify the process. As caterers for foodies, we are pleased to offer options, as we have lots of experience with different styles and genres of cooking, and love to create new dishes

We suggest you read through our Peachtree menu packet and highlight items that interest you. If you are someone who prefers to communicate by email, feel free to send us that highlighted list, which we will use to draft a menu. If you prefer to discuss the menu in person, we’re happy to meet you in person. Our chef is always available to answer more specific questions.

Let us know your expectations and your price point. If you would like to stay within the Left Bank packet, we’ll make every effort to substitute items to your liking, while keeping this in mind.  Or we can suggest and price out optional items, either from the packet, from our repertoire, or from your own suggestions.

Be sure to also  let us know if there are any food allergies (nuts, gluten, latex) and ingredients to avoid, or other important food preparation guidelines

Finally, the tasting will enable you to sample your selections, and to try other dishes as well. Step by step, the menu takes shape, as you go through the process of selection and tasting, until finally you have a delicious menu that perfectly suits your taste.

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