Is wine service at tables offered?

The Peachtree packet is based upon drink service at the bars, not tableside. Tableside wine service is at additional cost for two reasons. First, more wine is consumed when offered tableside than when served at the bar only. Second, tableside wine service requires additional servers to pour the wine tableside. We do not permit guests to bring bottles to the tables and pour for themselves, since as a RAMP certified establishment we need to control the dispensing of alcoholic beverages. Also, such self-service invariably results in even higher consumption, as guests will pour more liberally than wine servers.

If you opt for tableside wine service, we bill by consumption, per bottle. We can provide you with an estimate, based on experience, of the number of bottles typically consumed at an event. You yourself, of course, know the habits of your guests better than we do. Sometimes at a wedding, the family will opt for wine service only at tables for parents of the bride and their friends, since the younger generation actually prefer to go to the bars, as a social meeting place.

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