Do you provide kids’ menus? If so, is the price the same as the adult menus?

We do have kids menus, yes, and at a price point much lower than for adult fare. Much depends on the age of the children, and their personal tastes. Some kids are more adventuresome than others, so we offer the classics such as chicken nuggets, sliders, mac n’ cheese, Chinese noodles and so forth (all prepared in the Peachtree style, of course). Others are slightly more sophisticated, and want to try something a little more gourmet.

Do let us know the age of the children, because a four year old will eat a vastly different style and quantity of food than a fifteen year old. Also let us know if your younger guests will be seated at tables alongside the adults (with full place setting and service staff requirements), or whether they will be eating on their mom’s lap, as this affects the pricing of the kid’s package.

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