How many servers and bartenders will be at my event? Will there be enough?

The ratio of ALL staff– including event supervisors, captains and kitchen crew–equals one staff-person per ten guests. Our PEACHTREE service staffing ratio is based upon one server per 18 guests and one bartender per fifty guests.  If you have added items to your food or bar menu, we will let you know if we feel that you require some extra service staff. In the bigger picture, sometimes this small addition of staff is an important part of the success of your event!

All events are based on a five- hour duration—which means from the time guests arrive until they depart. If overtime occurs, we bill overtime charges for the staff for our staff (including the kitchen and facilities staff). Depending upon your guest count, staffing costs tend to average $400 to $500 per half-hour of overtime. Experience shows that on-site ceremonies tend to incur one-half hour of overtime.  Please note that this does not include additional services such as late night bar, staffing for wine service, etc.

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