When would I schedule a tasting? How does it work?

You may schedule a tasting at any time up to two months prior to your event, allowing us enough time to pull together a finalized menu. We schedule tastings on weekday evenings once every two months.

We offer tastings in groups.  They are held on-site at POMME. You may bring up to four guests at no cost, and more at a cost of $125 per additional guest.  We feel that group tastings offer a great way of sampling a variety of our foods composed by our chef, while mingling with other Peachtree clients, and sharing stories. We create a menu based on menu choices of all attending. We often include some of our favorites.

If you have your heart set on an individualized tasting, this can be arranged at additional cost, should your work schedule or geographic location make it difficult for you to attend a mid-week tasting, or if for any reason group tastings are not to your liking.

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