planning and organizing

planning and organization

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

Yes, please view our list here.  This list includes vendors at varying price points including florist, photographers, musicians, decorators, etc. Using our 30 years of experience in the greater Philadelphia area – we will be happy to give you ore information about each vendor, and guide you as you construct your event team!

What services do you offer in the way of event coordination?

As full-service caterers, we are happy to work with your event planner, florist, day-of coordinator etc, and/or to assist you with the coordination of your event We can help with timelines, floor plans, input on the layout and flow of the event, and coordinating the ‘look’ of the table settings. Sometimes you may require more guidance and design direction than we can provide i.e. your event grows larger in concept, and we end up doing more than the normal amount of coordinating described above. If this happens, we’ll let you know that we think you might benefit from a stylist, planner or day-of coordinator.

We’re happy to work in coordination with your stylist or planner to attend to any and all details.  If you do hire a party planner or event coordinator, please let us know the services you have contracted. Are we to run everything through your party planner? Will they be signing off on the timelines and floor plans? Who will approve the invoicing? It’s important to know this in advance, so that everyone works efficiently, without confusion or overlapping of responsibilities. If you have hired a day-of coordinator, bring them on board one week ahead on a limited basis, since the last couple days invariably end up being quite busy!