Menu Planning

He was a bold man that first ate an oyster
— Jonathan Swift


How do we figure out our final menu? There are so many choices!

Yes there are!  We are happy to tell you the tried and true classics, if you’d rather simplify the process. As caterers for foodies, we are pleased to offer options, as we have lots of experience with different styles and genres of cooking, and love to create new dishes

We suggest you read through our Peachtree menu packet and highlight items that interest you. If you are someone who prefers to communicate by email, feel free to send us that highlighted list, which we will use to draft a menu. If you prefer to discuss the menu in person, we’re happy to meet you in person. Our chef is always available to answer more specific questions.

Let us know your expectations and your price point. If you would like to stay within the Left Bank packet, we’ll make every effort to substitute items to your liking, while keeping this in mind.  Or we can suggest and price out optional items, either from the packet, from our repertoire, or from your own suggestions.

Be sure to also  let us know if there are any food allergies (nuts, gluten, latex) and ingredients to avoid, or other important food preparation guidelines

Finally, the tasting will enable you to sample your selections, and to try other dishes as well. Step by step, the menu takes shape, as you go through the process of selection and tasting, until finally you have a delicious menu that perfectly suits your taste.

What is the PEACHTREE Packet, how do I get one, and what does it include?

Our PEACHTREE packet, which will be sent to you upon inquiry,  is an edited sampling of some of signature menus, based upon the seasons. It includes sit-down, stations and buffet menus, all priced at the same price point. The offerings are based upon one hour of cocktails, and is based upon a pre-selected entree or a duet plate. These menus are meant to serve as samples, and of course we are more than happy to offer options to you. For example, perhaps you like a spring menu, but prefer the dessert that appears on a winter menu. We can adjust. Or perhaps you want to mix and match from all the menus to create your own. We will guide you through the process, and let you know if certain items, when substituted, will involve an additional charge. Note that our signature lists are comprehensive. Items (some indicated with asterisks) are at additional cost- – such as lobster, homemade pastas, extra courses and entrees selected tableside.  Menu items are not priced a la carte simply because so much depends on the context. For example, if you opt for 4 stations rather than one, each station will be discounted to reflect the overall quantity of offerings.

What does pre-selected entrée mean? Can I offer a choice at the table?

The PEACHTREE menus are based upon pre-selected entrées. Just to explain, a pre-selected entrée means that you will include something on your invitation enabling guests to pre-select from two options (I.E, Fish, Chicken, Beef, or Vegetarian).  When you have collected your RSVP’S, you will need to provide us with this count.  It’s also important that you include this information on your table cards. These markers can be different colors (Red – meat, Blue – fish, Green – vegetarian) or symbols.  We are happy to talk you through this.

If the entrée choice is not pre-selected, the other options are to either provide one entrée to your guests or to opt for tableside choice of entrée, which is additional.  The charge for table choice of entrée depends on the selection but the minimal charge is $15/per person since we need to purchase at least 30% more food.

Can we customize a menu? Or do we have to stay within the Peachtree packet?

Absolutely! We love to create menus specifically designed for your taste and your particular event. We are often asked to replicate dishes from favorite restaurants, or bake a family heirloom recipe. Sometimes clients wish to draw from some of the Peachtree packet offerings and then substitute certain custom dishes. Others ask us to cust0m-design a menu just for them. Let us know your preferences and your budget, and we will present you with options.

Do you provide vendor meals?

We can provide vendor meals at a cost of $25—for your band, DJ, photographer etc, with advance notice of how many you will need.

When would I schedule a tasting? How does it work?

You may schedule a tasting at any time up to two months prior to your event, allowing us enough time to pull together a finalized menu. We schedule tastings on weekday evenings once every two months.

We offer tastings in groups.  They are held on-site at POMME. You may bring up to four guests at no cost, and more at a cost of $125 per additional guest.  We feel that group tastings offer a great way of sampling a variety of our foods composed by our chef, while mingling with other Peachtree clients, and sharing stories. We create a menu based on menu choices of all attending. We often include some of our favorites.

If you have your heart set on an individualized tasting, this can be arranged at additional cost, should your work schedule or geographic location make it difficult for you to attend a mid-week tasting, or if for any reason group tastings are not to your liking.

Do you provide kids’ menus? If so, is the price the same as the adult menus?

We do have kids menus, yes, and at a price point much lower than for adult fare. Much depends on the age of the children, and their personal tastes. Some kids are more adventuresome than others, so we offer the classics such as chicken nuggets, sliders, mac n’ cheese, Chinese noodles and so forth (all prepared in the Peachtree style, of course). Others are slightly more sophisticated, and want to try something a little more gourmet.

Do let us know the age of the children, because a four year old will eat a vastly different style and quantity of food than a fifteen year old. Also let us know if your younger guests will be seated at tables alongside the adults (with full place setting and service staff requirements), or whether they will be eating on their mom’s lap, as this affects the pricing of the kid’s package.

Can I bring in an outside caterer?

PEACHTREE & WARD, the parent company of POMME, has exclusivity for catering. We have been catering off-premise events for over 30 years, and serve delicious food!  We use fresh ingredients and design menus suited to the season and event. From sliders to poached lobster-we do it all.  Our Peachtree Kosher division handles all Kosher events. Please inquire further about preferred vendors for specialized catering services—Indian, Korean, Glatt Kosher.

Is cooking done on-site?

Yes, we have a full-service kitchen on the main reception floor, and a separate kitchen for hors d’oeuvres service on the lower level. Mise-en-place is completed prior to your event, with all hors d’oeuvres and entrees heated or cooked ‘a la minute.’ Salads are dressed just prior to serving, and meats, fish or chicken are cooked to temperature right on-site, also just prior to serving. Unless of course they are braised dishes which call for slow-cooking.

Should I have a menu card?

Menu cards are a lovely and useful addition at the table.  Even if you are having a stations party, a copy of the menu at the bar and at each station helps guests understand how the evening will unfold, and what they will be served. We’re happy to help you with the wording on your menu cards Please allow at least ten days before the deadline!