Venue FAQs for weddings


Do you have an area for ceremonies inside? outside?

Yes we do, both inside and outside

Outside, you can have your ceremony near the pond, or near the stream.  The chairs can be laid out in various ways. Chair rental for outdoor ceremonies is additional cost.

Inside, the chairs can also be laid out in various ways- facing the fireplace or the window . We use chiavari chairs, and ‘turn the room over’ after guests go downstairs for cocktails.

Do you have a bridal suite?

Yes, we have an amazing bridal suite!  The owner, Lloyd Goodman, converted a wine cellar designed by his father (Lloyd and his father built the racquet club together) into this lovely bridal suite complete with a lounge area, private restroom, a room specifically designed for make-up and hair, and another for changing. The suite has a private entrance. You can see pictures of the suite in our photo galleries.  

Are there additional costs if the ceremony is on-site? Can we have a rehearsal the day before?

If you opt for a ceremony such that we need to ‘turn the room over’ for the reception, there is an additional fee. This ceremony charge enables us to hire extra staff to assist with the transition so that we don’t pull service staff from the event when they are needed to butler hors d’oeuvres and service the bar. The charge varies depending on number of tables and intensity of décor, but typically we can hire three extra people at a rate of $150 each to get the job done.  These staff can also double as coat check/restroom attendants for the rest of the evening.

For rehearsals, we typically allot an hour to rehearse at no additional charge, within normal hours of operation. We ask only that you not cause a disturbance to our event set-up or leave us with much clean-up. If you have a large bridal party and think they might cause such a disturbance, and/or you require more than an hour (from arrival to departure, punctually), please let us know so that we can be prepared, and perhaps arrange an additional fee to cover such a situation.

Can you provide wedding or bar/bat mitzvah cakes?

PEACHTREE’s signature home-made desserts are plated, butlered or station-style items. You’re welcome to bring in your own cake, and we don’t charge a cake-cutting fee! We can serve the cake at a buffet, tableside, or butlered to your guests. We’re happy to pack slices for you, if you provide us with the bags. Cakes range widely in price— $3 to $10 per person, depending upon the style and complexity. There are some wonderful bakeries in the vicinity. Please ask us for more information about cake vendors.

Should I offer pre-ceremony beverages?

For weddings, oftentimes guests arrive early so they can be on time for the ceremony.  If possible, we recommend that you provide some sort of beverage service for them, because many times they ask for something cold (or hot), and we don’t want to be inhospitable!  This can be as simple as bottles of water. Or we can offer lemonade/iced tea if the weather is hot, or hot cider, etc. if the weather is cold. Please ask us for pricing on these items.

Should I hire an event planner to assist me?

When you book an event at POMME, there are many services provided to you.  We can do floor plans and timelines, and assist you with ceremonies. However, wedding planners are advisable if you have a complicated event with many moving parts, if you are from out of town and find planning very challenging from a long-distance, or even if you have ceremonies off-site. Of course, planners can be hired for a range of options, with services for day-of only, or for full-service. For the latter, these planners would be there to assist you from start to finish, helping you select invitations, bridesmaid’s dresses, tabletop and florals and so on.

Do you provide kids’ menus? If so, is the price the same as the adult menus?

We do have kids menus, yes, and at a price point much lower than for adult fare. Much depends on the age of the children, and their personal tastes. Some kids are more adventuresome than others, so we offer the classics such as chicken nuggets, sliders, mac n’ cheese, Chinese noodles and so forth (all prepared in the Peachtree style, of course). Others are slightly more sophisticated, and want to try something a little more gourmet.

Do let us know the age of the children, because a four year old will eat a vastly different style and quantity of food than a fifteen year old. Also let us know if your younger guests will be seated at tables alongside the adults (with full place setting and service staff requirements), or whether they will be eating on their mom’s lap, as this affects the pricing of the kid’s package.