house rules

House Rules

Are there noise restrictions or curfews?

No. One of the amazing benefits of hosting an event at POMME is that we are commercially zoned and have no curfews or noise restrictions of any kind.

What are your house rules for vendors- including set-up and deliveries?

All vendors unfamiliar with our venue (those who have never worked at POMME before) should set up a time (with advance notice, please!) during normal business hours (9 to 5) to visit us and learn about the venue – the electric hook-ups, the layout, the load-in, treatment of floors and walls etc.   Two other important things:

  1. All vendors must provide us with a copy of their Certificate of Insurance.
  2. All deliveries and pickups must be scheduled ahead, and approved by us.

Please drop all items off the day before your event. Remember to mark all of your items clearly, and specify if anything is valuable and should be kept under lock and key. We try our best to keep track of your personal items, but please understand that there is a certain risk involved in bringing family heirlooms to a public space and we cannot be held accountable for items missing. So if that Kiddush cup is irreplaceable, perhaps it’s best to leave it at home!

Can we get in for set-up the day before?

We do our best to accommodate all clients, family and friends coming into our space. Please try to schedule the below during normal business hours of operation, or ask us in advance if you need to schedule after-hours.

Some clients request to use the space the day before for set-up.  If there is nothing going on in the space the day before, sometimes we are able to allow you to come in early to set-up. Please ask us well in advance.

Hosts and family members can arrive early ‘day of’ with approval from the POMME sales team.