Peachtree Kosher

Tradition and Innovation.

Peachtree Kosher brings all the luster of a Peachtree event to the kosher  marketplace. Based in Philadelphia, we work under the guidance and strict supervision of the Rabbinical Assembly of Philadelphia, abiding by all of their kashrut requirements. We believe that kosher cuisine can be delicious, plentiful and still refreshingly new.   We favor farm-fresh ingredients, homemade stocks, and integrity of flavor. The Peachtree Kosher style is simple and bold. It’s a sophisticated yet homespun approach. It respects the seasons and is committed to sustainable agriculture and a greener planet.

And that’s only the food. Along with it, the other ingredients comprising the whole–  a lovely tabletop, a well-groomed staff and the spice of style and ingenuity. Every detail is important. Top quality is de rigueur.  And the best part?  since all of our clients have different tastes, the party recipe for each and every one of you is uniquely delicious.

We are about to enter our fifteenth year serving up the most fabulous and delicious kosher parties ever—weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, galas and special events. With unparalleled service and attention to detail, Peachtree Kosher infuses every event with their professional expertise, creative flair and their love of the business. Transforming an event into an experience calls for the best. That is Peachtree Kosher. We look forward to discovering the hidden sparks that kindle the spirit of your event and allow it to shine.

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