Menu Planning

Special occasions call for special menus. Classic dishes with a little twist. Comfort foods. The wow factor -a raw bar, wine flights, a chocolate extravaganza.  All combine to form the perfect recipe for success.

Our repertoire is broad, and we adapt to ever-changing culinary trends–farm-to-table, small plates, family-style service… Our signature lists represent a range of culinary styles – French, Italian, Asian, Mexican, fusion, Philly. If you have special requests– vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, vegan, comfort food, ethnic food- or you have a family recipe you’d like us to use– great!

We excel at walking you through all the steps so that together we can come up with the perfect menu designed just for you.



“A loaf of bread, the Walrus said, is what we chiefly need
Pepper and vinegar besides are very good indeed-
Now if you’re ready, Oysters, dear, We can begin to feed!”
–Lewis Carroll


Photo credits: Heidi Roland Photography