Plan an Event

If time, so fleeting, must like humans die, let it be filled with good food and good talk, and then embalmed in the perfumes of conviviality.


This is what we love to do.

There’s an energy to an event. A feeling-tone, we like to call it, and it comes from great planning.

We construct a narrative journey to an event, because the decor isn’t simply what the room looks like in still photos– the flowers, candles, linens- but how it feels when the guests arrive and fill the space with their energy and enthusiasm.

Like a great story, there’s a beginning, middle and end to a party. There’s an element of surprise. It might be a great-looking bar. It might be a flash dance, a dessert station, a fire-pit with smores, lawn games.  Even the way tables are named (herbs, emotions, years).

And let’s not underestimate the importance of a great floor plan! The flow of movement is as important as the flow of conversation and food.

Then there’s the question of vendors, timeline, linens, coat check, hotels, shuttles and so on! All of this, and more, in this section.



Emily Wren Photography, Papertini florals


Papertini florals, Emily Wren Photography